Domnia's Feminine Wear

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Domina's Feminine Wear
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Domina
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Domnia's Feminine Wear]
Silk panels are draped over tall metal poles to form a half-tent of sorts that stands open to the fresh air. A swarm of softly glowing fireflies within a round wire cage casts a gentle golden light above the room. You also see a black ironwood shelf with some stuff on it, a small sign, a shimmering sapphire chest, a gold filigree rack with some stuff on it, a large oak wardrobe and an open flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:
"The items in the sapphire chest have small pockets where one may place a delicate blade. 
The boots on the ironwood shelf also have a small compartment. All else does not." 

On the ironwood shelf
Item Price Done
silvery velvet boots with shimmering moonstone clasps 5,047   !!
iridescent satin slippers in a play of pastel colors 2,625   !!
dark leather boots buckled with emerald-inlaid silver clasps 51,570   !!
dark velvet slippers studded with tear-shaped diamonds 64,500   !!
fine spidersilk slippers adorned with round silver bells 30,450   
heavy leather traveling sandals with dull iron clasps 12,042   No
In the sapphire chest
Item Price Done
purple velvet bodice accented by ornate black needlework done in fine spidersilk 6,750   !!
red satin bodice with slashing that reveals black silk lining beneath 4,050   !!
blue silken bodice threaded with dark mauve satin cord 4,455   !!
black satin bodice laced with silvery velvet threads 5,400   !!
pale cerulean bodice with slender ebonwood boning 6,985   !!
yellow chiffon bodice stitched with tiny violet lilies 12,150   !!
dark green bodice embroidered along the edges with silver ivy leaves 1,974   !!
In the oak wardrobe
Item Price Done
black satin dress with multi-colored dags flowing from the waist and sleeves 7,500   
flame red spidersilk dress displaying two mighty dragons engaged in aerial combat 73,406   !!
emerald green brocade dress with a princess waist and scooped neck 36,000   !!
flared floor-length crimson dress with a black lace overlay 37,500   !!
plum-colored dress bordered along the neck and hem with large ivory gardenias 2,925   !!
lemon-yellow dress banded with light brown bears along the sleeves 2,600   !!
On the filigree rack
Item Price Done
black silken shift with delicate silver embroidery 13,163   !!
ivory silk shift stitched with delicate pale blue irises 6,500   !!
translucent spidersilk shift edged with fine crimson thread 10,725   !!
slender black silk skirt slit up one side to reveal a dark satin petticoat beneath 10,450   !!
flowing white velvet skirt cinched at the waist with a silver knot pin 4,840   !!