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Official Server

The official DragonRealms Discord server is currently open to anyone with an active account. It opened to platinum subscribers on March 4th, 2021, and to premium subscribers the following day. The rollout for standard subscribers began on March 8th, 2021. The server became available to all users on March 24th, 2021.

Invite Link

See the DISCORD command in-game to get your invitation link.


Please read the in-game instructions completely before proceeding.

Linking Limitations

The in-game validation/handshake (via the DISCORD command) does not work correctly if your Discord username contains spaces.

  • Visit your Discord settings. Change Bob Smith#1234 to BobSmith#1234.
  • You can put the space back after the handshake process is complete, if you feel strongly about it.
  • If you play in multiple DragonRealms instances: if you adjust your Discord username after validating, the other instances will not recognize you if you attempt to make adjustments (like changing from ACCOUNT to Character display). You can accomplish this change in a different instance if you DISCORD RESET in that instance and re-validate (without spaces again).

In-Game Authorization

If you would like to join the conversation, please use the DISCORD command in-game.

READ ALL OF THE WORDS before you do the things!

  • You MUST start by clicking the invite link that this command displays. If you are not already present in the server when you complete the next steps, you will not be assigned your roles and will be unable to access the full server.
  • After you click the link, you will be added to the DragonRealms server on Discord. There will be very few channels visible. Please read over them!
  • Once you have read the Welcome message and the Server Rules, return to the game and complete the steps in the DISCORD command to get your account set up and have roles added.

NOTE: Your username is CASE SENSITIVE! If you make a mistake, you will not be assigned your roles correctly. You can DISCORD RESET to start over. If you reset, you will be kicked out of the server and will have to click the join link again.

Once you've completed the process in game, hop back over to Discord and say hello!

Unofficial Server

The unofficial DragonRealms Discord is hosted, run, and moderated by players. Simutronics Staff are in the Discord and may speak up at any time. They are tagged with appropriate roles. Do not give your private information or passwords to anyone in the chat for any reason. Moderators and staff cannot be held accountable for your actions.

See the Discord's #rules channel for more information.

Invite Link


Resources in the Discord

See the Discord #resources channel for links to these!


  • A player-designed and run bot useful for performing quick wiki searches.
Use !help in the discord to see Atabot's functions.

Links to Other DragonRealms Discords

  • Guild Discord Invites
Options: Astral Alliance, Elementary Education, Empath Circle, DR Necromancer Chat, DR Trading Outpost, Barbarian's Arena, Chapel of Bone, Imperishable Flames, Lunar Accord, Ranger Ramblings, The Bards' Corner, The Third Way, Wren's Nest
  • Race Discord Invites
Options: Sfek Vauns Arotru, Sraan S'kra
  • Crafting Discord Invites
Options: Crafting Circle, Crafters Union
  • Questing Discord Invites
Options: Double D's Quests ~N~ Stuff
  • Roleplay & Community Discord Invites
Options: Adventure Nexus
  • Front End Discord Invites
Options: Genie4, Lich, Outlander
  • Announcement Center for Discord Server Owners/Operators
Options: The DragonRealms Towne Crier DRTC

Links to Other DragonRealms Resources

  • Useful website urls for player tools, maps, and forums.

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