Delicate Creations

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Pale blooms of fragrant flowers are interspersed throughout this small shop. The oak walls are softened by crystal sconces and ivory tapestries. Simply clad clerks appear ready to help customers with fine clothing hung on silverwillow racks. You also see an oak door leading out and a crystal table with some stuff on it. Obvious exits: none.

On the silverwillow rack you see a pale golden gossamer gown with an amber spidersilk shift, a flowing gown of silvery spidersilk with a sapphire bodice, a scintillating gown of dark steelsilk with tightly bound sleeves, a spidersilk gown of light cinnamon encircled along the hips with amber beads and a simple white muslin dress laced down the sides with pastel ribbons.

On the crystal table you see a pair of soft cotton gloves embroidered with green and gold dragonflies, a pair of silvery silk gloves embroidered with sapphire thread, some silvery hose accented at the ankles with sapphire flowers, some pale ivory hose accented at the ankles with golden dragonflies, a spidersilk hairnet adorned with ruby spiders and a sparkling silver hairnet with starfish and seashells threaded through it.