De'ali's Elven Delights

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De'ali's Elven Delights
Province Zoluren
Town Leth Deriel
Map Ranik's Map 61
Owner De'ali
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[De'ali's Elven Delights, Salesroom]
De'ali, a grandmotherly elf and the proprietor of this popular sweet shop, is somewhat plump for her kind, but pleasingly so. In her starched white apron, she meticulously arranges bonbons on trays atop a spotless display counter. A sweet, heady almost cloying aroma wafts up from the back. You can hear laughter and conversation from below and from outside the door. You also see a menuboard.

Item Price Done
1 - Candied Violets 25   No
2 - Candied Lace 32   No
3 - Horehound Drops 27   No
4 - Licorice Sticks 26   No
5 - Peppermint Sticks 22   No
6 - Carob-coated Groundnuts 22   No
7 - Sesame Chews 25   No