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Dartboard Game
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

Found in various locations for public use as well as a limited number of portable games sold via auctions or as raffle prizes. The game is free to play.

To Play

- get darts (if not already taken)
- the default throw, aims for the center of the board
THROW {red,black} DART AT DARTBOARD {1-20, bull} {inner,outer,triple,double}
- throw at the dartboard aiming for that spot
* NOTE * the color of the dart is crucial or you will be trying to throw the dartboard at itself! Also, reference the dartboard with a minimum of DARTB to recognize it properly.

Once you have a game in progress, you can LOOK DARTBOARD to follow the score.


Area Room Name Restrictions
Riverhaven Dunkard's Tavern
Riverhaven The Tepid Faldesu
Riverhaven Riverhaven, Order of the Dragon Shield (ODS) House
Shard Shard, House of the Steel Dove House member-only room
Shard South of Shard, Gorbesh Fortress, Meeting Room
Hibarnhvidar Hibarnhvidar, The Three Turnips
Boar Clan Boar Clan, Ranger Guild, Hunter's Tap Room Ranger-only room
Ilaya Taipa Ilaya Taipa, Zuhaichaga Inn
Mer'Kresh Mer'Kresh Barbarian Guild
Hollow Eve Festival Eylhaar's Rest