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Darsanya Chevarre
Status: Unknown
Guild: Ranger
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Relatives: Lissanda, Prayk

Darsanya tracked her husband, Prayk, and sister, Lissanda, into the Crossing area during the War with Sorrow, only to find her family members enmeshed in the grip of Sura, Sidhlot, and Sadiaer. Fiercely protective and wise beyond her years, Darsanya fought with Zoluren against these enemies while trying to talk sense into both of her family members.


(Ka'len, 360)
Huntress Darsanya Chevarre, an Elf.
She has violet eyes, long wavy blue-black hair that is loose, and fair skin.
She is young for an Elf.
She has a tattoo of a delicate crescent moon cradling a wolf's pawprint on her neck.

She is wearing a ebony longbow, a jadeite gwethdesuan, some slouched black leather thigh boots tapered at the ankles and damascened up the sides with silver knotwork, a snugly molded doeskin thigh quiver secured with criss-crossing leather straps, some skin-tight black stalking leathers precariously secured up the front with a series of shimmering steelsilk laces, some sinuous black leather gauntlets edged with silver lacing, a heavily studded targe, a draped cowl of supple darkened leather and a bronze dragon pin.