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  |Critter Name   = Dark Spirit
|Critter Name=Dark Spirit
  |Image File     = darkspirit.jpg
|Image File=darkspirit.jpg
  |MinCap         = 140
  |MaxCap         = 185
  |BodyType       = Biped
  |Skinnable       = No
  |Has Coins       = Yes
|Has Coins=Yes
  |Has Gems       = Yes
|Has Gems=Yes
  |Has Boxes       = Yes
|Has Boxes=Yes
  |Evil           = Yes
  |Corporeal       = No
  |Construct       = No
  |BackStabbable   = Yes
  |Poachable      = No
|Casts Spells=No
  |Casts Spells   = No
|Attack Range=Melee
  |Attack Range   = Melee
  |Stealthy       = No
  |Special         = No
|Province=Therengia, Qi'Reshalia, Zoluren
  |Province       = Therengia, Qi'Reshalia, Zoluren
|City=Tiger Clan, Ker'Leor, Ratha
  |City           = Tiger Clan, Ker'Leor, Ratha
|MapList=*{{rmap|4a | Tiger Clan (4a)}}
  |MapList         = *{{rmap|4a | Tiger Clan (4a)}}
*{{rmap|43 | Ker'Leor (43)}}
*{{rmap|43 | Ker'Leor (43)}}
*{{rmap|92 | Undead on Ratha (92)}}
*{{rmap|92 | Undead on Ratha (92)}}
  |Skin Name      =
  |Skin Type      =
  |Weight          =
  |Tannable        =
  |NumPieces      =
  |Crushable      =
  |RequiredRanks  =
  |MaxVal          =
  |MaxArrangedVal  =
  |Manipulated     = No
  |InitCost        =

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Dark Spirit
Relative Level 55-60
Skill Cap 140 to 185
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil Unknown
Corporeal No
Construct No
Backstabbable Back Stab
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses Unknown


The dark spirit is a mass of swirling shadow given substance. Clothed in little but the rag of a robe, its hands are terribly jagged claws, its eyes a glowing sanguine color. The creature appears to have the mentality of the damned, moving with intention and deadly grace as it floats about.

In Depth


  • The Tiger Clan cemetery is completely dark. A light source or dark-seeing ability is needed.
  • The Beach on Ratha is foggy in every room so exits are not visible.


It is wearing a tattered shadowy shroud.
It is carrying a shadowy shield, a slice of black shadow.

Interaction with any of the equipment will cause it to disappear. (E.G. As you reach for the black shadow, it wavers and fades into nothingness.)