Dark Defenders (1)

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Dark Defenders
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Dark Defenders, Showroom]
Rich brocades drape the room to help disguise the rusted metal walls while gold tasseled carpet softens the footsteps of the many customers browsing the area. A pair of thickly cushioned armchairs flanks a small serving cart that offers a complimentary snack and refreshment.
You also see a framed sign hanging behind the counter, a thick marble pedestal with a gruesome blackened-steel chain blade on it, a round table draped with soft velvet with several things on it, a steel weapons stand with several things on it, a long counter with several things on it, an oak weapons rack with several things on it and a blackened steel door.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the thick marble pedestal
Item Price Done
gruesome blackened-steel chain blade 161,358   DG
On the round table draped with soft velvet
Item Price Done
dark steel scimitar with a polished flamewood hilt 144,274   
razor-sharp baselard with twisted pearl and animite grip 438,065   
polished steel machete inlaid with bronze along the haft 122,653   DG
gleaming razor-sharp rapier with an intricately engraved hilt 152,302   DG
gold inlaid sword tied with a cascading red scarf 149,722   
On the steel weapons stand
Item Price Done
gleaming claymore with jewel-encrusted quillions 152,934   DG
executioner's broad-axe 153,294   DG
burnished golden greatsword with a sweeping adder hilt 149,353   DG
imposing battle sword with an acid-etched blade 158,355   DG
On the long counter
Item Price Done
steel-bladed falcata with an ornate hilt 617,464   DG
blued-steel dao engraved with a skeletal viper 152,235   DG
gleaming steel briquet with a golden braided lanyard 128,687   DG
flat-black sword with a deadly sharp blade 116,348   DG
brushed-steel ceremonial dagger 9,917   DG
On the oak weapons rack
Item Price Done
blackened steel broadsword with a golden hilt 650,738   DG
gleaming double-bladed war axe 325,845   DG
gleaming steel falchion with a double-wrapped grip 342,760   DG
matte black dagesse etched with the image of a battle-ready centaur 134,388   !!
damascened steel longsword with a platinum-gilded handguard 121,273   DG
On the serving cart
Item Price Done
barrel of frothy root beer 0   
bowl of sword-shaped pretzels served with a spicy mustard sauce 0   

[Dark Defenders, Alcove]
Thick emerald carpet extends throughout the room while vibrant woodland tapestries hide the drab metal walls. Painted wood benches encircle a young potted willow tree at the center of the room, providing a welcome spot to relax.
You also see a maple weapons stand with a few things on it and a flamewood bow rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the weapons stand
Item Price Done
deep mahogany spear carved with a flame-shrouded centaur 33,364   
blackened steel trident 7,707   DG
intricately carved javelin set with a gleaming dragon's eye ruby 589,317   
On the bow rack
Item Price Done
balanced light crossbow with an intricately carved stock 138,502   !!
ornate mahogany crossbow 166,464   
bone-inlaid assassin's bow 9,020   DG
dark smokewood composite bow tipped with inlaid platinum spiders 144,320   !!
double-laminated mistwood longbow with an exquisitely carved riser 108,240   DG

[Dark Defenders, Workroom]
Lit by a soft golden glow from an overhanging gaethzen orb, heavy silks in shifting hues of silver and gold adorn the metal walls. Pushed into one corner behind a carved walnut counter, a sturdy ironwood workbench holds a large anvil and various tools of the forging trade.
You also see a framed sign hanging behind the counter, an oaken chest, an ornate weapons rack with a few things on it and a small carved table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

A framed sign hanging behind the counter reads:

   ~~~~  DARK DEFENDERS  ~~~~  

   Some of our items are limited in
   the quantities we have available.

In the oaken chest
Item Price Done
pitted mammoth-bone cudgel 7,811   DG
small cast-iron skillet 7,107   DG
leather-wrapped bludgeon 348,866   DG
broken boat oar 810   DG
On the ornate weapons rack
Item Price Done
double coyote-headed maul with a solid chain shaft 153,321   DG
gold-inlaid war mattock 161,322   
triple-ball marauder's flail 171,334   
On the small carved table
Item Price Done
gold-banded ebonwood club mounted with sharks' teeth 131,087   
tarnished goshawk-headed mallet 151,130   DG
blackened-steel war hammer 113,354   DG
spiked mace with a satinwood handle 232,607   
On the carved walnut counter
Item Price Done
polished steel machete inlaid with bronze along the haft - Missing HE 410, HE 414 and HE 417, unsure if just sold out. 122,653   DG
heavy flanged mace banded in animite 252,541   DG
blackened steel sledgehammer 132,485   
wickedly spiked morning-star with a wrapped steelsilk handle 147,522