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Kerizon and Damiza has adopted Imerald as their son.
Kerizon and Damiza has adopted Imerald and Kiks.
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Seen eating raw Human legs<br>
Seen eating raw Human legs<br>
Unofficial mentor<br>
Unofficial mentor<br>

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Damiza Nihshyde
Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Kerizon, Imerald


You see Shadow's Touch Damiza Nihshyde, Events Coordinator of The Locksmith Union, a S'Kra Mur.
Damiza has an elongated face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of her skull, a few delicate phofe flower petals shaded in deep purple hues highlighting tilted slitted crystal blue eyes and a scale-etched ka'hurst nose ring resembling a viper hooked through the left side of an elegant snout, abyssal black scales accented by some purple glitter, a strand of blood-red Penitence and Mercy roses wrapped along a slender tail and a spindly figure. She is tall for a S'Kra Mur.
She is tall for a S'Kra Mur.
She is in your prime.
She has an elaborate arrangement of several Syrin's heart rings piercing the flesh of her lower lip, that have been attached to each other with thin lengths of diacan chain.

She is wearing some lipka cotton healer's robes with flaring kimono sleeves, a tarnished pewter badge engraved with "You just can't heal stupid", a sad-eyed spun glitter unicorn with a spiraling horn, a formal black dreamweave kimono embroidered with swirling phofe flowers, a smokewood wedding band with a vengeance ruby embedded within Elven silver inlay and some winged ghoul-hide boots.

Special Events

430-03-25: Bonds Vorrik
430-07-06: Divorces Vorrik
430-08-19: Bonds Evro
430-08-35: Purposely disrupted the device at Abyss, Maelshyve's Ascent a few times before powering it with her Life mana.
430-09-20: Tossed a stinky egg at the garden of Empath's Guild causing several Empath's to smell of skunk.
430-01-12: Evro divorces Damiza
431-10-14: Bonds Kerizon
432-01-10: Joined Locksmith Union as Event Coordinator.
433-02-38: Joined Order of the Apostles.
434-03-33: Left Locksmith Union.


Due to amnesia, Damiza is unsure where she hails from. She just remembers being at The Crossing and decided to to join the Empath's Guild under the supervision of Salvur.
She limps around town with her crutch, playfully accusing certain people of abusing her. She milks this ploy by occasionally falling to the floor in a dramatic fainting spell and clutching her arm, which she has in a splint and arm sling, moaning and crying out in pain.

She does suffer from random lapses in memory, often forgetting certain events or misplacing things. She is often seen training at a community garden or running around town randomly healing people whether they want it or not. She will often run around town scribbling notes in her book.

She is often thought of as a masochistic by encouraging people to create gruesome wounds on their victims for her Empathy.

Assumed as a stupid person, she never leads anyone to thinking otherwise.

One of her best friends is a Human Empath named Simmish. The two formed a brother/sister bond.

Proclaims herself to be a master treasure hunter, she has found the location of treasure maps for several Elanthians and will often purchase treasure maps for a decent amount. Most of the treasure she finds she tends to give away to others.

After the divorce of her first husband, she was kidnapped by a Human from Crossing's Empath's Guild and taken out to the cemetery where he fed her a love potion. He took her to the top of the Greater Fist and jumped into a cart. The ride was short lived for the next curve of the volcano he convinced her that she could fly and tossed her out of the cart where she plummeted to her death. The next trip to the volcano, he convinced her that she was immortal and tied her to the tracks as he rode on a cart that smashed into her, killing her instantly.

Few days later, the man took her to the sewers where they consummated their marriage. Afterwards, he cast Fire of Ushnish in the area and she was instantly incinerated.

Eventually, the man took her to Ratha where he dragged her under the water at the wreck of the Seerah to dive for pearls. Determined to find pearls in the clams below, she repeatedly healed her hand after it was continuously bitten off by the clams. Despite her determination, she was never able to find any clams and was knocked unconscious from behind and dragged to the surface. When she regained consciousness, they returned to The Crossing.

Upon hearing about a device at the Abyss being charged by a numerous people, she set out to the location and disrupted the device a few times, clearing a good chunk of charged power. When asked by those trying to charge the device why she was ruining their progress, she simply stated: "Wait, this doesn't summon a dragon?" The people concluded she was a moron and asked her again to which she replied, "One moment, I'm thinking." These people would not allow her to think. She was instantly punched in the throat. Several of them laid curses upon her and two of them threatened her very existence.

She received a porcelain chicken from Evro that lays rotten eggs that causes anyone caught in area to stink of skunk. She runs around tossing the eggs at random locations which caused Praeda to begin a petition for her banishment from the Empath's Guild for "unprofessionalism".

Unfortunately her husband became ill and began to experiment with Necromancy. This experiment caused a random soul to enter his body during an out of body experience and he was never the same again.

Began sticking strictly to her training, she start moving up in ranks with Salvur. Fascinated by the abilities of the fetish with determining the amount of empathic shock an Empath has, she began to experimenting with the fetish. She started killing ship's rats, rock trolls and beisswurms to learn the levels of shock until a few days later when she hit perma-shock. Feeling the corruption of the shock, she ended up killing a fellow Empath.

Salvur frowned upon this and refused to teach Damiza any further as an Empath until she stopped killing living things. He ordered her to seek out Nadigo from Boar Clan and meditate on a vela'tohr seed for as long as it took to fill the seed with an abundance of strong life mana. For the next two days, Damiza meditated on the seed then returned to Nadigo where he removed several layers of shock from her soul. Still feeling bloodthirsty, she now had the ability to resist the urges and worked there after to fully remove the corruption with the assistance of Melindrha.

Still having a faint level of shock in her soul, she meets a Human Warrior Mage named Kerizon from the Order of the Apostles. A shrapnel box was blown outside of the Warrior Mage's guild, which blew off one of Kerizon's legs to which Damiza snatched the fresh raw meat and snacked on it but at the same time, she healed his stump of a leg by replacing it with her own and magically healing herself. Shortly after having eaten his leg, Kerizon got Damiza to promise not to eat his flesh anymore. She and Kerizon began hanging out then they started dating and eventually he proposed to her and they eloped.

She is murdered by a Dwarf's box outside of the Warrior Mage's guild to which she kills him with Icutu Zaharenela after she is raised which causes Zoluren to accuse her of being a Necromancer.

One day at the cemetery, Imerald, Lehos and Damiza fought against Kerizon. Lehos was the first to fall dead. Then Imerald. The last to fall was Damiza in a double-death. No amount of flirting helped her. Kaizakira and Alexxandra came to raise the bodies. Kerizon focused on Imerald with a fireball but Damiza leaped forward and protected Imerald at the cost of her own life. When back alive again, Damiza was murdered a third time for squirting squid ink on Kerizon.


Kerizon and Damiza has adopted Imerald and Kiks.


Seen eating raw Human legs
Unofficial mentor
Known to send Get Well Soon cards to those who have died

About the Player

If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to send me a message on Discord. I play a few characters in DragonRealms.