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This page is intended to be a space where players can freely add event logs as subpages.

Player Logs


Event Log LinkEventInstanceDateReal DatePoint of View
Vision MeetingPrime449-02-0511 May 2024Miskton
Cleaning the Temple of Light After Desecration by the Hounds of RutilorPrime449-01-051 May 2024Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime448-09-1413 April 2024Miskton
White Gladiolus Society Zoluren Defense Discussion Follow-UpPrime448-07-0622 March 2024Allye
Vision MeetingPrime448-05-349 March 2024Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime448-04-2526 February 2024Miskton
White Gladiolus Society, Zoluren Arts: A Province in ConcertPrime448-04-0621 February 2024Unknown Audience Member
Patience: An Edict of GracePrime448-03-8210 February 2024Briaen
An Informal Follow-Up Discussion of Zoluren DefensePrime448-02-102 February 2024Allye
White Gladiolus Society Zoluren Defense DiscussionPrime448-02-0231 January 2024Allye
Zoluren Tour of HomesPrime448-01-2928 January 2024Kethrai
Encounter with ChepisoPrime448-01-0823 January 2024The Captain / Anuril
Confronting Chepiso Outside ShardPrime448-01-0823 January 2024Anuril
Patience: Prayers during Asketi's ridePrime448-01-0121 January 2024Briaen
Vision MeetingPrime447-10-1013 January 2024Miskton
Grey Empath Academy Lesson 3Prime447-1-2519 October 2023
Vision MeetingPrime447-06-309 December 2023Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime447-03-3711 November 2023Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime447-01-0514 October 2023Miskton
Grey Empath Academy Lesson 2Prime446-10-3712 October 2023
Patience: Cleansing the Ancient TreePrime446-09-3030 September 2023Mendira & Briaen
Vision MeetingPrime446-08-1416 September 2023Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime446-04-3312 August 2023Miskton
Lecture on the Wonders of ZengmodalethPrime446-0330 July 2023Tirost
Vision MeetingPrime446-01-138 July 2023Miskton
Glaes Spatula 445Prime445-09-3825 June 2023Miskton
Vision MeetingPrime445-08-2210 June 2023Miskton
Arthe Dale ConcertPrime445-07-0126 May 2023Glemma
Krenze's Demands in ForisaadPrime445-071 June 2022Urbaj
Vision MeetingPrime445-05-3013 May 2023Miskton
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