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{{disambig2|Cuddly Creations}}
There have been multiple incarnations of the store '''Cuddly Creations''':
{{Store At A Glance
|Store Name      = Cuddly Creations (1)
|MapNumber        =
|Owner            = -
|NumRooms        = 1
|Store Type      = Toy
|Fest            = Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414
|Coin            = Dokoras
*[[Cuddly Creations (1)]]: [[Hollow Eve 396]] (2009), [[Hollow Eve 399]] (2010), [[Hollow Eve 403]] (2011), [[Hollow Eve 406]] (2012), [[Hollow Eve 410]] (2013), [[Hollow Eve 414]] (2014)
|roomname=Cuddly Creations
*[[Cuddly Creations (2)]]: [[Hollow Eve 417]] (2015)
|desc=The walls have been crudely painted in a dark midnight blue.  An assortment of stars and crescent moon shapes are randomly scattered across the walls in a yellow hue that in some places has dribbled down across the background.  Several corners were missed entirely, leaving the metal beneath the paint exposed.  <br />You also see some cloth-lined shelves with some stuff on it, a colorful table with some stuff on it, a large colorful sign and an exit door.<br />Obvious exits: none.}}
A large colorful sign reads:
|<pre>"These dolls and toys are guaranteed not to kill you -- or your money back!"</pre>
{{ShopHeader|title=On the cloth-lined shelves}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy ochre bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy ivory bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy golden bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy chestnut bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy white bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy taupe bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy russet bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy orange bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy yellow bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy lavender bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy cream bear|1,262}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy red bear|902}}
{{ShopItem|fuzzy brown bear|902}}
{{ShopFootnote|A note reads:<br>"Please specify which color bear you want when you order.  For example, ORDER RED BEAR.  Thank you!"}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On the colorful table}}
{{ShopItem|pearly white plush unicorn with a golden horn|3,157}}
{{ShopItem|brilliantly colored plush phoenix with a long silken plume|2,706}}
{{ShopItem|little boy doll dressed in overalls|1,172}}
{{ShopItem|little girl doll with yarn braids|1,172}}
{{ShopItem|plush chicken with big beady eyes|1,443}}
{{ShopItem|plush snowy owl with ruffled feathers|1,804}}
{{ShopItem|blue stuffed shark|631}}
{{ShopItem|large stuffed sea turtle|2,255}}
{{ShopItem|tri-color plush dog with big glass eyes|1,098}}
{{ShopItem|grey plush cat|1,082}}
{{ShopItem|overstuffed green frog sewn from bumpy leather|1,623}}
{{ShopItem|green stuffed dragon wearing a helmet|1,984}}
{{ShopItem|brown felt pony with black button eyes|1,353}}
{{ShopItem|plush gerbil clasping a red velvet heart|1,172}}

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There have been multiple incarnations of the store Cuddly Creations: