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A command for listing information associated with the crafting systems.

> craft help Usage:

  • CRAFT HELP: Displays the help menu
  • CRAFT: Displays Career and Hobby, techniques counts, and total technique points.
  • CRAFT [DISCIPLINE]: Lists the techniques you have learned from that discipline.
  • CRAFT [DISCIPLINE] [TECHNIQUE]: Shows the description of a technique you have learned.
  • CRAFT [INFO]: General information about the crafting system.
  • CRAFT ASSIST HELP: Learn about mentoring another crafter.
  • CRAFT ASSIST [PLAYER]: Provide mentorship to another crafter.

Craft Info

Lore-based Crafting Information

1). What is Lore-based Crafting?
The Crafting Skills and Disciplines listed when using the CRAFT verb comprise the Lore-based crafting system. The 5 skill of Forging, Engineering, Outfitting, Alchemy and Enchanting each have 3 Disciplines with their own craftable items and techniques. Any Discipline can be chosen as a Career or Hobby by asking the respective Society Hall's trainer about Careers or Hobbies.

2). What are Careers and Hobbies?
Choosing a crafting Discipline as a Career allows a crafter access to many more techniques than would otherwise be available. Choosing a crafting Discipline as a Hobby grants half as many additional technique picks as a Career, though still a sizeable ammount. Choosing a Career or Hobby is permanent, so please take care when making this decision!

3). What are Guild Perks?
To respect the longstanding tradition many Guilds have established, each guild has 3 bonus technique picks assigned according to Guild lore. These are in addition to any techniques acquired from having chosen a Career or Hobby.

4). Are Careers, Hobbies, or Techniques required to craft?
Usually nothing special is required to attempt crafting of an item. Some exceptions may eventually exist, particularly with respect to Enchanting and Guild-only and Race-only items. As far as crafting goes, knowing a Technique gives a sizeable bonus to the crafting process but knowledge is not required to give it a shot.

5). What is CRAFT ASSIST?

It is possible for a group of individuals to improve the quality of crafted items by pooling their knowledge and energy. First the helpers must join a group with the crafter, and then prior to every crafting action they must CRAFT ASSIST [PLAYER] to begin assisting. This must be done by all helpers prior to every crafting action for the crafter to benefit from the assistance.

Assistance is not restricted to helpers with more skill, although a mentor with additional knowledge will contribute much more to the process. Up to three people may assist with the crafting effort, but be warned it is a time consuming and difficult process.
  • Note: F2P characters are unable to use CRAFT ASSIST, but may be assisted by other players.