Cowsmoopolitan (2)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Cowsmoopolitan, Salesroom]
Four wooden posts joined to a pyramidal framework hold the canvas roof high overhead. Set against the sidewalls are several enormous racks holding merchandise, each made of different wood. In one corner, a tiny counter stands in front of a small opening, closed with a cowhide. You also see a maple rack with several things on it, a beech rack with several things on it, an oak rack with several things on it, a deobar rack with a cowhide gem pouch on it and a wooden door.

On the maple rack
Item Price Done
pair of cow earrings 451   
pair of cow-shaped slippers 2,255   
pair of cowhide boots patterned with black and white spots 2,255   
cowhide-covered belt with a horn buckle 902   
On the deobar rack
Item Price Done
cowhide gem pouch 451   
On the beech rack
Item Price Done
udder-shaped bag made of painted canvas 902   
black and white cowhide backpack 2,255   
cowhide-covered longsword sheath 451   
cowhide-covered leather sheath 405   
cowhide-covered dagger sheath (brown) 360   
On the oak rack
Item Price Done
black and white cowhide leathers with copper rivets 3,157   No
horned leather helm with black-tipped horns 902   
cowhide-covered shield 1,353   !!
brown and white cowhide leathers with steel rivets 3,157   No