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This allows you to command another player to do something. Moon mages use this command to control creatures under their control by the Hypnotize spell. Empaths use command to issue orders to Guardian Spirit in combat, as the Ask command will not work.


>command help
This allows you to command another player to do something. 
Moon mages also have a spell that allows them to use this to have brief control over a creature.

Usage: COMMAND <target> TO <subject>
       COMMAND <player> TO WORK            You command <player> to get to work!


For Hypnotized Critters: COMMAND <creature> TO <action>

  • Beg - "Plead for your life, repugnant monster!" (Fluff. Causes creature to whimper and whine pathetically. 2 second RT.)
  • Stand - "Rise and serve me!" (Forces creature to stand if kneeling, sitting, or prone. 2 second RT.)
  • Bow - "Bow before me, beast!" (Forces creature to kneel. 2 second RT.)
  • Lie - "Lie upon the ground!" (Forces creature to become prone. 5 second RT.)
  • Sleep - "Sleep, and dream before me!" (Forces creature to become prone. 5 second RT.)
  • Die - "Die, die, die! To Urrem'Tier's caress!" (Forces creature to become prone. 5 second RT.)
  • Flee - "Begone! Flee before my might!" (Forces creature to retreat from you, then leave the area if possible. 2 second RT.)

For Guardian Spirits: COMMAND <guardian> ABOUT|FOR <action>

  • Command - Lists these commands.
  • Name - will give the fae's personal name. Guardian Spirit Names
  • Guard - will make the guardian start guarding you, in case he/she has stopped doing so.
  • Stop - stops the guardian from guarding you.
  • Leave - will dismiss the guardian .
  • Quiet - will squelch environmental/atmospheric messaging from the guardian .
  • Halt - Stops the guardian from attacking.
  • Attack - Orders the guardian to resume protecting and attacking.
  • Time - will tell you how much longer the GS will remain at your side.