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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance undisclosed

Chynna Demonblood, Medical Examiner of Elanthia, a Human.

She has dark crystal eyeglass lenses shading almond-shaped stormy grey eyes, an upturned nose and dimples. Your deep purple-streaked black hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by some tiny black horns. She has tanned skin dripping with viscous swamp ooze and a slender figure. She is tall for a Human. A russet carnelilan shaped like a skull rests on her forehead, just above her eyes. She appears to be aged. She has a set of steel lip rings attached to either side of your mouth, reminiscent of serpentine fangs. Her thigh has a tattoo of a knot of intricately tied flesh and sinew.

She is wearing a flapping black serge cloak cut to drag limply along the ground behind the wearer, a midnight black torturer's sack interlaced with barbed wire, a pair of dark steel footwraps designed to appear like a wyvern's clawed feet, a pair of polished black thigh boots with pointed toes and silver-cinch buckles, an antiqued silver wristcuff inlaid with a cambrinth skull, a faceted vengeance ruby nose stud, a barbed eyebrow ring of tangled steel wires and a bent silver badge stamped with "Cross my heart and hope you die!".

Also known to travel with her pet plague rat named "Cuddles". Grumpy at times, bearable at others. Has a fancy for things dark and evil....