Chris' Mass Festival 400

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The first shops were reported opening 400 years, 96 days after Victory (24 December, 2010).

Original Description for Chris's Mass Festivals

In the past, merchants have celebrated the appearance of Chris's Mass by opening special shops all over the realms. A group of loyal followers of Divyaush have approached the merchants and asked them to coordinate their shops a bit more than usual, and to celebrate their patron deity.

The fest will continue to be something of a disorganized and uncoordinated event with the appearance and disappearance of merchants according to their own whims and schedules. In the past there was no official start date for the fest, but the last ran through some time on January 4, 2010.

The fest is free for everyone to enjoy.


The festival shops are located in multiple places:

Shop List by Location

Location Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory Status