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Brother Chesum Bortak
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing Temple


You see Brother Chesum Bortak, a pudgy middle-aged Halfling. His twinkling brown eyes are magnified by his thick round spectacles, giving him a perpetually surprised expression whenever he looks up from his book. Dressed in a soft brown cloak draped over an ivory cotton tunic, Chesum fidgets with a small smooth stone in his left hand. He walks aimlessly around the temple mumbling to himself about constantly getting lost in here.

Conversation Topics

  • BOOK: Chesum holds the book up to show you. "Oh yes, I am reading The Human Histories right now. This is the third time I've read this one, I find it fascinating!"
  • EAADRICH: Chesum puts a bookmark in his book as to not lose his place. "Yes, I know Eaadrich... he is the gardener. He tends the gardens outside and mentors my friend Fargis. I am really not that close to him though, if you are looking for information about him try asking Fargis."
  • FARGIS: Chesum removes his glasses cleaning them on his cloak. He says, "Fargis is my dearest and closest friend. He loves to help take care of the gardens outside, and of course he believes he is some sort of singing virtuoso. Though I would not recommend asking him about it, he really isn't that good." Chesum giggles warmly.
  • FRIENDS: Chesum smiles at you and removes his glasses "Friends, I only have a few left since the great Gorbesh war. So much pain, so many died... at least I still have Fargis around to make me smile." Chesum wipes a tear from his eye and put his glasses back on.
  • GARDEN: Chesum cheerily peers up from his book. "Ahh the gardens, they are beautiful, but if I were you I'd talk to Fargis or Eaadrich about that." Chesum winks at you.
  • GORBESH: "Well if you remember as I do the year was 354 and with little warning the Gorbesh attacked the Crossing. Those were devastating times for everyone, I remember a little girl... she was screaming... and... there was blood..." Chesum puts his head in his tiny hands, weeping ever so softly. "I am sorry, I guess I just can't speak of those events yet. I am still trying to heal the scars in my soul. I saw things that would make the greatest warrior weep."
  • PAST/SELUNDIA: Closing his book momentarily, Chesum looks upwards in thought. "Before the Gorbesh war, my dear friend Selundia and I were walking through Town Green." Chesum begins chuckling to himself. "You see she was not paying attention to where she was going and... she stumbled over this little Halfing thief trying to pick her pocket. She fell head-first into the pond! I couldn't stop laughing." He pauses, grows silent for a moment and says quietly. "She was killed only a short time after that by one of the first Gorbesh invasion parties... she'd been so busy helping others, she forgot to ask the gods' favor for herself, rest her soul." Chesum bows his head in silent prayer.
  • STONE: Chesum looks around the area, appearing to look for the stone you are asking about. He then chuckles and says, "Oh this old thing!" Chesum rolls the stone around in his hand. "This is a rock from the old temple ruins, 'tis a reminder of things past and friends lost."
  • TEMPLE: Raising his hands in the air Chesum shouts, "Oh the temple turned out fabulous don't you think? The design is strong and beautiful, and I am sure this temple would be able to withstand any outside attack. Though I think it is a little too big. I keep getting lost in here!" Chesum pouts.
  • WAR: Chesum grows very still for a moment, all the color fading from his usually rose-colored cheeks. He turns away from you, then says so quietly it's difficult to hear him, "War... what a waste of lives. Ask me about something else please, I just... I just get so upset talking about it."

Atmospheric Messaging

  • His nose buried deep in a book, Chesum doesn't seem to notice much around him. With a loud *smack* he runs himself right into the wall, pasting the book to his face. He steps back, looking a little stunned, then continues on his way.
  • Chesum absentmindedly searches his cloak for his glasses. You just don't have the heart to tell him they are already on his face.
  • Dropping his thick book on the ground, Chesum bends over to pick it up. In the process, he drops a smooth stone. As he leans over to pick it up, his glasses fall off of his face! Shaking his head as he collects his scattered belongings, he gives you a shy smile and says, "I am having one of those days."
  • Holding a small stone up to the light, Chesum peers at it intently, looking for any imperfections. The cool color of the sandstone shows off its smooth exterior.
  • Sauntering down the hall, Chesum rolls a smooth stone between his fingers, apparently lost in contemplation.