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Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Throne City

Charnelion is a Thief that pretended to be a Moon Mage and was subjected to the tests required to be a Y'Shai. The experiences left his mind permanently damaged and a little insane. He can be found in Throne City, in a Thief passage near the Imperial Museum.


About Y'shai:
The escapee Charnelion whispers, "I... I thought I could keep the charade up. I wanted to see how far I could g-g-go, pretending to be a Moon Mage. B-b-but by the time the guy I was pretending to be came back, I... had already started the first test they... they make you do." He begins to weep, making the next words difficult to understand. "How c-c-could I have known they would steal my mind and put it in that b-b-box! How!? How??"
Blubbering, Charnelion adds, "Sanity, sanity, sanity, sanity, sanity..."

About Moon Mage:
The escapee Charnelion whispers, "They're evil! I tricked them, though, with a magic item! Yes, yes, I did. I tricked them and made them think I was a Moon Mage training to be a Y'shai!" He pauses, then adds, "B-b-but I didn't know the t-t-tests would be torture."

About bauble:
The escapee Charnelion whispers, "I had a bauble that made me give off magic energy like a M-m-moon Mage, so they'd think I was one! B-b-but they stole my mind, stole it. Stolen. Stolen like a Thief. Someone should steal it back."

About mind:
The escapee Charnelion whispers, "They have my mind in a box! Th-th-they took all I know, all that I am!" He wipes a tear from his eye, then continues, "That blasted test! It's all lies! Th-they d-d-destroy the living to make the Y'shai... mind... They keep it in the museum, I just know it! Someone should steal it back for me."


Oblivious to the muddy water, the escapee Charnelion huddles on the ground, arms wrapped around his knees. Every movement he makes is more of a twitch than an action, whether that be to glance into the shadows suspiciously or to pull at the tattered cloth of his outfit. Occasionally, Charnelion quietly mutters, but otherwise doesn't stand or take any notice of those watching him.