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The Xala'shar are enigmatic creatures that appear to have been once people that have altered their bodies in drastic ways using various necromantic arts. In the schema of the Necromancer's Guild, the Xala'shar is one of the Perverse cults. The Necromancer Veyne has been known to call upon them, and called himself their leader prior to his disappearance.

They tend to skin their kills in any number of gruesome ways, collecting strips of flesh or innards from the people they cut down. Though they seem to be undead constructs, they are in fact cursed.[1]


The Xala'Shar hunting zone is off the path to Knife Clan, and can be broken up into 4 distinct tiers:

Tier Critter type Overall
Tier 1 Xala'shar thrall 138
Xala'shar magus 140
Tier 2 Xala'shar conjurer 142
Xala'shar vanquisher 156
Tier 3 Xala'shar archimage 154
Xala'shar slayer 162
Xala'shar vindicator 163
Tier 4 Xala'shar archer 158
Xala'shar overseer 165
Xala'shar shredder 165


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