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Wind Elf

Not to be confused with the S'kra Mur Wind Clan, the Wind Elves are a clan of nomadic Elves, many of whom reside in the Horse Clan. They are often tall and slender, with tanned skin, and are known for being fierce in battle. They are a quiet, kind, sensible people who are excellent outdoorsmen and are also known as "Catwalkers" because of their stealth. Each clan member has multiple names but only one "heart name" that is given only to only a select few. The history of the Wind Elves is tied to that of the Sulde Taala. The first Mountain Elves were originally a group of Wind Elves who were enslaved by Dwarves in 2900 BL.

The following is quoted from The Elven Folk (book):

So called for the windy plains they reside in, the Wind Elves can fade into invisibility amongst the grasses. Fierce in battle with a paired spear and handaxe, the Wind Elves are often quiet people who do not speak unless they feel they have something to say. They are sometimes called Catwalkers for their silent strides.

Wind Elves are hearty folk with tanned skin. Tall and slender, they frequently dress in soft and pliable deerskin garments. With feathers and beads braided into their hair, and their faces painted in wild colors, they can present a formidable scene to the naive. In truth, their softspokenness belies a gentle spirit and a strong grounding in common sense. A clan of Catwalkers have been known to follow a caravan of traders within their territory for a hundred miles without once being noticed. Wind Elves are master horse breeders; Horse Clan is an offshoot of this clan.

Wind Elves were top scouts and hunters during the turbulent years before the Seven Star Empire, and several of the Catwalkers weakened the Dragon Priest lines during Dzree's War. Unlike other Elven clans, Wind Elves choose their names to emulate a mental image, and many of them will have sometimes up to five names in their lifetime, depending on how many changes their life goes through. They typically keep one name as their "heart name"; the name loved ones and close comrades will know them by. For a Wind Elf to give out his or her "heart name" to another person who is not of the clan is a rare honor.

Their current leader is actually two -- a husband and wife (who take the honorary title of Mother and Father to the clan) by the names of Falcon and Bright. They are both great-grandchildren of the original Mother and Father.

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