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Snow Elf

The following is quoted from The Elven Folk (book):

Fierce and savage, the Snow Elves -- like their counterparts, the Sand Elves -- are a vicious tribe of barbaric Elven folk. In the case of the Snow Elves, they live in the cold tundras, believing that those who resort to cities or warmer climes are weaklings. Snow Elf life is often short and cruel; dwelling in the wastes of the wind-torn snowfields, they have little room for art or love, instead living an existence that is wildly passionate in the knowledge that each moment could be the last. Snow Elves do not often speak with foreigners, and disdain most of the other Elves. They are frequently tall and stocky, with pale blonde hair and chapped skin. Their leader is the great great great great great grandson of the Mother and Father, a barbarian chieftain named Trebar.

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