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From Elothean Studies

A few of their more powerful practitioners of magic -- and sometimes their bards -- are born with amber eyes, with their pupils an irregular oval that are reminiscent of a cat's. These rare members of the race -- called savants -- are often revered amongst their people, and viewed as great leaders and scholars.

General Information

Savant may refer to an occasional mutation in Elotheans, or a character who has reached a high rank in a particular skill. Elothean savants are identical to other Elotheans, except that instead of standard eyes, they have "Cat-slitted amber eyes." Shifting the eye in any way removes this trait. Being an Elothean savant has no effect on gameplay.

Rolling an Elothean Savant

When creating a character in the Hall of Choosing, you will be asked if you would like to choose features yourself, or have them chosen for you. Choosing the latter gives you a random set of features. Previously, there was a very small probability that you will have cat-slitted amber eyes. This was the only way to acquire this feature as an Elothean.

List of PC Savants

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