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River Elf

The following is quoted from The Elven Folk (book):

Perhaps the most curious of the Elven people, the River Elves roam over the waters of Elanthia on the backs of great boats and skiffs. Sometimes called the "Floaters", their Elven name means "Wayward Flowers on the Cool Currents". River Elves are great traders, but are often mercurial and not fond of worldly things such as war and politics. Their allies are, oddly enough, the Halflings, who share their free-spirited heart.

Wiry and thin, River Elves have darkened skin and sandy blonde hair. Often seen wearing the takbahn (a type of straw hat designed so the wind will not sweep it from their brow), the Floaters do not wear shoes often, and a River Elf is lucky to touch down on land for more than an hour in his or her long life. They tend to be shorter than other Elves, which has been speculated to be the cause of too much fish in their diet. Untrue to popular belief, River Elves do not have gills or fins.

River Elves are good friends with the merfolk. A ship crafted by a River Elf is a masterpiece of Elven workmanship; to be given one as a gift is as great an honor as a suit of armor from the Mountain King. River Elves are the only species on Elanthia who know what lies on the other side of the great white and blue waves.

Their current leader is an Elven woman named Truly T'neir, granddaughter of the Two's fourth child, Rili'ki.

Ilaya Taipa is a clan of River Elves.

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