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Mountain Elf

The Mountain Elves are a clan of Elves that live in the bowels of the Dragon Spine Mountains. They have been led by Queen Morganae Sunderstone for thousands of years, and still are today.


Mountain Elves are commonly pale and thin with dark hair and eyes, although a child of summer season's hair or sky-colored eyes does appear from time to time. Black-hearted as the night, a Mountain Elf's devious mind is not to be trifled with.

Summary of portions of "The Elven Folk" by Matron Selidhn, an Elf

The Mountain Elves were once a part of the Wind Clan, but according to their stories around 2900 BL these Elves were invited to feast with the Dwarven Mountain King of the Dragon Spine Mountains. Once there they were all poisoned and the warriors and adults were killed, leaving the children to be enslaved. When one of the original survivors, Morganae, had lived in captivity for 150 years she lead a revolt that killed all the Dwarves in the mountain and made Morganae the Queen of the Mountain Elves. When the Elves tried to leave most found the sunlight of the outside world was intolerable and remained in the mountains. The few that did leave formed the loose association of Elves known as the Bone Elves.


Year Event
2900 BL Splinter Clan of the Wind Elves enslaved by Dwarves of the Iron Clan.
2750 BL Morganae and the Mountain Elves kill the Mountain King and his Dwarves.
2620 BL Sidhlot attempts to overthrow Morganae and take her throne, but the plot fails and Sidhlot is imprisoned.
2600 BL Sidhlot is freed by his supporters and forms the Bone Clan.
2558 BL Bone Clan unites with Iron Clan in effort to overthrow Morganae.
1017 BL Queen Morganae and Kiernion arrange for an alliance between the Forest and Mountain Clans by wedding Prince Rivyn to Sorril, Kiernion's daughter, but in 1015 BL the Human Kanton marries Sorril and sparks the Elven-Human War.
478 BL Trade sanctions are placed on Morganae by the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, as she is ordered to cease her political meddling.
390 BL Trade sanctions against Morganae are lifted.
238 BL Ferdahl Corik and Morganae ally to build Shard.
230 BL Shard is completed.
198 BL The Mountain Elves do not defend Shard with Corik and Shard is subsequently razed by the Dragon Priests.
20 AV Ferdahl Alec establishes gondola through Dragon Spine Mountains. The Mountain Elves agree to maintain the gondola.
250 AV Queen Morganae's daughter is killed aboard the gondola. The Mountain Elves abandon the gondola, cutting Shard off from the northern world.
350 AV Passage between Shard and Ilithi reopened.

Additional Sources

The Realm of the Mountain Elves (book)
Shard Histories (book)
Marriage Among the Elves, Volume 7 (book)
The Elven Folk (book)

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