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Flint is an item used to create fire. There are many variations of this item, but no matter the shape the piece of flint takes, each work in the same way. Flints will slowly wear out and will need to be replaced.

Similar to flint are the harder to find lighters, which tend to be quest rewards or auction-only items. Additional light sources are available as well.

How to Use

To light a flammable <object>, place it on the ground, LOWER it to your feet or put it into an open container.
Hold the flint in one hand and a metal object, such as a dagger or knife, in the other hand
Then LIGHT <object> WITH FLINT

  • An alternate method to light an object would be to have the flint in an open container, hold the object in one hand, and something metal in the other. Then LIGHT <object> WITH FLINT.