Carleen's Emporium

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Carleen's Emporium
Province Zoluren
Town Unknown
Map Ranik's Map 111
Owner Carleen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Carleen's Emporium]
Stuffed with knick-knacks and kitsch treasures, this little shop is the perfect place to stop for a travel break. Wooden shelves hold a variety of items suitable for mementos or gifts, and the back wall is devoted to a counter holding refreshments. A note with a platinum kronar encased inside its glass frame hangs on the wall behind the attendant. You also see a stained glass door, a glass-topped case with some stuff on it, and an armoire with some stuff on it.

On the armoire
Item Price Done
a black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed puppy holding a bone in its mouth 8125   No
a black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a sad-eyed clown smelling a daisy 8125   No
a black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a pouty-lipped bard wearing spangled white hunting leathers and playing a gittern 8125   No
a black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed kitten playing with a ball of yarn 8125   No
On the glass-topped case
Item Price Done
a set of colorful wooden chickens 312   No
a set of black and white wooden cows 312   No
a set of wooly white sheep with black faces 312   No
a set of fancifully painted wooden horses 312   No
a set of vicious-looking grey geese 312   No
On the confectioner's paper
Item Price Done
a nutlog made of nougat stuffed with chopped apricot and pecans 31   No
a nutlog made of chocolate-coated vanilla nougat stuffed with chopped almonds and pecans 31   No
a creamy nutlog rolled in walnuts that smells of honey and cognac 31   No
On the shiny platter
Item Price Done
a bottle of Carleen's thick beer 37   No