Cardamom Knickerknee's Fine Used Goods (1)

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Cardamom Knickerknee's Fine Used Goods
Event Web Festival
Owner Cardamom
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Cardamom Knickerknee's Fine Used Goods]
The oilcloth walls of this tent are worn enough to see figures passing outside, though Cardamom has meticulously patched and repatched the barest places. Customers have pawed through the Halfling's neat piles of goods, tossing them aside in search of bargains. You also see a rickety table with some stuff on it, a crooked rack with some stuff on it and a worn tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rickety table
Item Price Done
stretched-out red and black sailor's shirt 725   No
chipped ceramic pin in the shape of a raccoon face 1,000   No
bronze coyote's head clasp with a broken hinge 1,625   !!
dinged copper tailband engraved with the image of an ox 960   No
strand of dull amber beads 125   !!
multicolored anklet of cracked glass beads 543   !!

On the crooked rack
Item Price Done
short jumper covered with festive white blossoms and ripe strawberries 1,500   No
ebony skullcap crookedly circled with ornate gold braid 625   No
moth-eaten tangerine muffler 200   No
plum wool knickers 500   No
frayed blue skirt dotted with tiny jadice flowers 781   No