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Butchery is a hidden skill for Necromancers, trained with use of the butchery ritual. The skill is used in the Risen creation process.

Thanatology and First Aid both help with Butchery attempts.



Skill Gain

There are 1000 possible "ranks" for the butchery skill.

Success Message Rank Gain
You are certain that your knowledge of butchering has improved. +1
You are certain that your knowledge of butchering has greatly improved. +2

Note: You will continue to receive these messages periodically after reaching "perfect skill".

Skill Levels

There is no way to see your actual skill level, so you must track it on your own if that's important to you.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the cold laboratories in a guild and ASK the NPC there ABOUT BUTCHERY to see which broad skill tier you fall into:

Ranks Message
0-99 very little skill
100-199 poor skill
200-299 slight skill
300-399 below average skill
400-499 average skill
500-599 fair skill
600-699 good skill
700-799 excellent skill
800-899 amazing skill
900-999 outstanding skill
1000+ perfect skill


Any Necromancer older than the Risen system was automatically granted some ranks in the butchery skill via grandfathering. Each PC received ranks equal to their circle*2. (If you were circle 200 you were awarded 400 ranks.)

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