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WARNING: It is highly recomended to review the info on the Breaking and Entering page before using this command.

The Burgle command is used to break into an NPC's home in a justice area via the Breaking and Entering system. This command requires the user to hold an appropriate climbing rope or lockpick or wear a lockpick ring. Burglary should only be attempted at night or while hiding or invisible.


The BURGLE command is used to break into an NPC's home in a justice area.
BURGLE RECALL is used to determine how long your remaining cooldown is.
Waiting on cooldown:
You take a moment to think, you believe...
You should wait at least 1 roisaen for the heat to die down.
Cooldown expired:
You take a moment to think, you believe...
The heat has died down from your last caper.
  • Cooldown expiration messaging: A tingling on the back of your neck draws attention to itself by disappearing, making you believe the heat is off from your last break in.
  • If you attempt to BURGLE before your cooldown timer is up, you will immediately be charged with a crime and taken into custody if you attempt to do it in a justice zone.
  • BURGLE (while holding climbing rope): You scale up the side of a wall, quickly slipping inside.
  • BURGLE (while holding a lockpick in your right hand or wearing a lockpick ring): You make short work of the lock on the window and slip inside.
  • BURGLE (without an appropriate tool for entry): And how were you planning to get in?
  • BURGLE: You don't see any likely marks in the area. (You are outside JUSTICE and unable to BURGLE.)


  • You always enter through the kitchen. The layout is randomly generated when you enter. Each room has a surface you can SEARCH for a chance at burgling an item. The extra rooms (besides the kitchen) that generate depend on your guild.
  • While burgling, watch for "Footsteps nearby make you wonder if you're pushing your luck." which indicates you need to leave ASAP (through the kitchen window) or you will be arrested.
  • Room info:
  • Kitchen is always present.
  • Bedroom is always present.
  • Armor Primary (Paladins) don't unlock anything.
  • Magic Primary unlock the Sanctum.
  • Lore Primary unlock the Library.
  • Weapon Primary unlock the Armory.
  • Commoner unlock the Work Room
  • Survival Primary will randomly unlock any of the remaining rooms (Sanctum, Library, Work Room, Armory).
  • If you have every room unlocked, extra survival (non-F2P) primes who don’t have a room to randomly unlock will instead add some time to the microseg.


  • Take care to type BURGLE RECALL carefully. A misstyped command will result in your immediate arrest if the cooldown has not expired.
  • Cooldown is in real life time.
  • Having ten or fewer items inside your maximum inventory limit will result in automatic arrest when burgling.
If you use INVENTORY CHECK, and get the messaging "You are carrying more than X items! Please reduce your inventory count IMMEDIATELY!" that's the exact same range that will get you arrested.
  • Put/send away all vanity pets and Ranger companions before you burgle. Breaking and entering will eat them.
  • Holding an appropriate rope in your right hand will override a worn lockpick ring for entry method.
Your rope can be uncoiled or coiled, but there is no reason beyond roleplaying consideration to ever uncoil a rope.

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