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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Sensitive Breese Argentmist of Elanthia, an Elven Empath.

She has pointed ears and crystal green eyes. Her golden hair is very long and straight, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a fragile Elven silver rose haircomb set with tiny ruby chips. She has fair skin.

A dragon-blood ruby adorned with an intaglio seven-pointed star nestles at the top of her forehead, brightened by faint, darting sparkles deep within the gem. (adornment on ruby changes)

She appears to be young.

Primary Attire: She is wearing some half-moon spectacles with azure-tinted lenses, a platinum wire earcuff laced with tiny flower-shaped crystal beads, some ruby and gold earrings, a polished steel locket, a gleaming broad gold choker shot through with a thin line of platinum, a dainty animite chain dangling a white gold band set with a square-cut blood red ruby, a dark red cloak, a silver cloak pin embellished with a large star ruby, a somber black rose, a wasp-waisted black satin corset adorned with crimson lace, some black silk stockings, a loosely front-laced bodice of black leather, a slim dark leather arm sheath with small gemstone fragments, a slender silver bracelet set with dark red ruby teardrops, a scalloped golden chain bracelet with dangling golden bells, a gold ring bearing the crest of the Empath Guild, an intricate rose-etched ring, a ruby and gold band studded with carved onyx thorns, an albredine crystal ring, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a leather belt studded with intricately designed medallions, a black gem pouch, some snug leggings of scarlet leather belted with a gypsy scarf (or a flowing skirt of many layers of jet black silk captured at the waist with a silver-set ruby), a lustrous black silk garter clasped with a tiny golden heart, a belled anklet, a brushed silver anklet inset with tiny diamonds and rubies, some hammered gold toe bells and some high-heeled slouched leather boots.


Exterior: A stately black marble hall with vibrant red roses and ivy twining across the arch of its door.

Interior: Walls of white marble and a gold-flecked black marble floor covered by a tasseled cotton rug enclose this room. In one corner lies a red curtained ironwood bed, and near the bed sits a carved crystal rose vanity with a plump copper-trimmed fishbowl and some silver breeze perfume on it. A white pillared marble fireplace burns along the far wall with a platinum gilt mirror with tiny etched roses hanging above it. The room holds a faint scent of roses. You also see a white and orange kitten, a wide oak-framed window, a door, an ivory hope chest with a shallow glass tank on it and a large plush scarlet armchair.

Fishbowl: Clear water fills a plump copper-trimmed fishbowl, in which swims a golden-finned scarlet lionfish. At the bottom of the tank, dense stands of broad-leafed banana plants provide a frame for a miniature coral reef.

Tank: A coral-hued hermit crab rises to the surface of the water in a shallow glass tank, nibbling at something too small to see.

Kitten: Large blue eyes gaze back at you from the kitten's wedge-shaped face. Slightly built, his body has a fragile appearance relative to its head, an impression swiftly dispelled when he begins to tumble awkwardly around the room. His short orange and white coat, plush and thick, makes his bright blue eyes appear even brighter.


  • Former Wolf Den shops mistress.
  • Was a perpetually "Off-duty" empath that would generally heal happily whenever asked. Is no longer "Off-duty" after mistakenly letting someone die which has troubled her deeply. She is quite sensitive and young.
  • Former resident of Fayl'Shar Court, briefly resided in Willow Walk garden but has returned to Fayl'Shar and lives in a hall just across the path from her former manor.
  • Has difficulty communicating. She can speak somewhat clearly but it requires a great deal of concentration on her behalf. The reason for this may lie in her past but is thus far unknown as she has been unable to articulate it to anyone.
  • Do not mistake her caring, kindness and friendly manner as flirtation as her heart has been hurt too much. She has been hurt by those to whom she has given her heart and from losing so many friends and will not give her heart to anyone ever again. She NEVER jumps into bed with anyone EVER, but she may jump on the bed.
  • Is emotionally fragile and her pain and anguish sometimes cause her sanity to be questioned.
  • White is her least favorite color because she keeps getting killed by white things.
  • Desperately wants a custom tattoo to replace the tattoo she recently lost. Breese believes that the removal of her former tattoo has left her scarred and she hides her features until such time as she can have it fixed.