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Braushocra Japputror
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Zaldi Taipa

Jan Taipen (Horse-Singer) of the Wind Elves of Zaldi Taipa, Revered Shaman of the Wind Elves, and only one who is allowed to touch the Sulde Taala, she calls the Blessings of the Sun down upon the horses before battle. She often refers to city dwellers who live indoors as a "Stonefoot" and sleeps on mat outdoors with her Clan. Braushocra loves prairie roses and often bathes in the sweathouse, wears goatskin garments with many feathers and beads, and will tell her "heart name" only to close family and friends.


You see Horse Singer Braushocra Japputror, an Elf.
She has pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. Her blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn tousled. She has tanned skin.
She is young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a red-dyed eagle feather with two silver and turquoise beaded thongs suspended from it, a heavy silver ring engraved with a whirlwind on the bezel, a pair of blue beaded gutalles, a tanned blue deerskin cloak fringed with white eagle feathers, a pair of white deerskin gloves, a carved blue beaded amulet with a solid white eagle feather dangling from it, a tanned leather pack, some gold hairbeads, a soft blue cashmere tunic, a pouch made from tanned hide with a small bit of antler for a clasp and some pure white antelope-hide leggings seamed with smoky jasper beads.