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System command that allows you to create your own bundling ropes, lead ropes and heavy ropes. Role-playing command to braid your hair.


Braiding Ropes

Braiding allows you to make your own bundling ropes, lead ropes and heavy ropes. To start, hold some grass or a vine in your right hand and BRAID MY GRASS (or VINE). Keep doing this until you need more material, then get some more grass/vines. When your braided grass/vine is long enough, you can PULL MY GRASS/VINE to attempt to tie off the ends. The length of the braid determines which kind of rope you will end up with. You will get messaging as you braid to tell you which kind of rope you would have if you tied the braid right now, as well as indicate how well the braid is going/how easily you are making the braid. As the braid gets longer and longer it will be more difficult to make progress and at a certain point your braid may start to break apart in your hands due to the number of mistakes (this is based on Engineering skill).

The types of rope you can braid are:

Wearing hand armor will affect how well you Braid.


Braiding teaches Engineering skill, and caps at approx. 50 ranks.

Braiding Hair

You can also braid your hair or beard if they are long enough. Braiding hair does not teach any skills.

In order to braid your hair your hair must first be "worn loose". Then you can simply braid my hair.

You carefully braid your hair. (Roundtime 9 seconds.)

For further braiding options you can type Arrange my hair.

where # can be any of the following options for your current hair style:

1) braided
2) pulled back in two braids
3) arranged in an intricate Elven braid
4) coiled atop his head in a regal braided coronet
5) pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids
6) tied back in a thin braided tail
7) tied back in an intricate five-stranded braid
8) pulled up in an elaborate four-stranded braid

arrange my hair 3
You fiddle with your hair until it is arranged in an intricate Elven braid.

You get other options depending on length, if it's messy(muss hair), and whether tied or braided.

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