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The BONUS command shows global short term special events that affect all players such as:

  • No bank exchange fees
  • Bonus coins or gem value from hunting
  • Bonus task rewards
  • Increased chance of scroll, item and map loot drops
  • Other bonuses as the system expands over time

Note: The Rested Experience Bonuses during Spring promotion 2020 will not show up via the BONUS COMMAND. REXP is not currently designed to be tracked by the bonus command.


  • BONUS: (example)

Current Bonus Event: bank fee removal

Event Expires: Fri Nov 1 18:51:32 ET 2019
[about a day from now]


Bonus event start:

A sense of abundance briefly washes over you as a bounty is bestowed upon the realms.

Bonus event expiration:

Bonus event change (from one event to the next):

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