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Bluffing is an ability exclusively available to Bards. Bluff uses the Bard's Charisma stat in most contests and also drains the Bardic Mojo pool.


Hah! As a Bard, you can BLUFF like so...

 BLUFF <player|item|critter>
 BLUFF <player|critter> <option>
       Options:  emperor, sister, lanival, baron, merchant, sidhlot,
                 priest, swallow, glythtide, penguin
 BLUFF <self>
 BLUFF DODGE to dodge in combat.
 BLUFF DISTRACT to gain a better chance at hiding.
 BLUFF AMAZE to put on a charismatic show.
 BLUFF DEAD to play dead.  *** Be warned, this could get you killed! ***


This will attempt to lower an attacker's confidence, making them less able to land a strike against the Bard for a short period of time. It's a percentage skill debuff on all enemies that fail the contest (Musical Theory & stats for the Bard and an unknown skill & stats for the defender). The better the Bard wins the contest the greater the debuff and the longer the duration.


Distract gives the Bard a one-time bonus to hiding by diverting the attentions of those around him. Acts as if the HIDE verb had been used.


Bard puts on a charismatic display, providing a temporary %15 bonus to their Charisma stat while also providing a %15 debuff to their Discipline stat.

Sample Messaging

Gathering the attention of everyone nearby, you begin to weave a story so highly improbable that it should cause your audience to burst into laughter. Instead, utilizing your Bardic flair and zest, your charismatic performance is such that it has everyone believing your tales of great exploits and legendary adventures (all with you as the hero, of course). You imagine that after such a breathtaking display, the adoring crowds should be much more vulnerable to your persuasive charm now.


Using their flair for the dramatic, the Bard attempts to convince those around him that he has been slain. Will produce messaging as if the Bard had been struck down to all those foolish enough to fall for the ruse.

In combat, critters will disengage and move on as if the Bard was actually dead. A failed attempt will leave you lying on the ground with RT, so caution is advised when using this ability.

  • Has a 15 minute reuse timer.

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