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{{Store At A Glance
|Store Name      = Birds of a Feather
|Owner            = -
|NumRooms        = 2
|Store Type      = Clothing, Jewelry,Juggling,Container
|Fest            = Hollow Eve Festival 403,Hollow Eve Festival 406
|Coin            = Dokoras
There have been multiple incarnations of the store '''Birds of a Feather''':
|roomname=Birds of a Feather, Showroom
|desc=Feather fuzz covers every inch of the dark wooden floor, and each step one takes kicks some of the stuff into the air to float lazily before finding a new surface to cling to.  A stout wooden table bearing folded clothing for sale sits imposingly in the middle of the sales floor, though at a slight off-center angle.  Along one end of the room, wooden poles and jewelry trees lean precariously against one another and the walls.  A cloak rack and a wooden mannequin with a raven's head stand together on the other side of the shop, partially obscuring a recessed alcove.  You also see a dented iron door and a tin mannequin with an owl's head with several things on it.<br />Obvious exits: none.
{{ShopHeader|title=On a cloak rack}}
*[[Birds of a Feather (1)]]: [[Hollow Eve 403]] (2011), [[Hollow Eve 406]] (2012)
{{ShopItem|t=f|sky blue cloak with wings made of white feathers sewn on the back|4,300}}
*[[Birds of a Feather (2)]]: [[Hollow Eve 410]] (2013)
{{ShopItem|t=f|hooded cloak made entirely of black feathers|6,550}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On a wooden mannequin with a gruesome raven's head}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|vermillion hat adorned with tall black plumes|2,300}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of dangling copper feather earrings brushed with jet chips|5,300}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|thick copper bracelet bearing tiny jet feathers|1,730}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|black satin shawl embroidered with blood-red feathers|1,000}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|black silk shirt with a raven upon the right sleeve|19,760}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|bright vermillion skirt bearing the image of ravens feasting on carrion|18,721}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of pointed-toed black suede shoes|18,720}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On a stout wooden table}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|cream blouse adorned with puffy black feathers at the collar|10,400}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|brocade vest with a motif of phoenixes in flight|43,000}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|loose-cut black cotton shirt with a high collar|1,200}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of iridescent pants made entirely of blue-black feathers|12,500}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of straight-legged pants with a column of embroidered birds up each side|2,000}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|ruffled brown skirt embellished with a peacock made of feathers and beads|13,500}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On the jewelry tree}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of golden wren cufflinks inset with rubies|3,900}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of silver vulture cufflinks|1,200}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|short necklace of colored glass beads shaped like various birds|700}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|thick leather necklace bearing a green feather charm|110}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|twisted leather necklace strung with feathers dyed copper and amber|340}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|fine silver necklace strung with tiny copper and silver feather charms|2,000}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|gold necklace with a long amethyst feather pendant|3,200}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On a tall wooden pole with several scarves tied to it}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|lacy black scarf embroidered with silver bird outlines|1,140}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|thick and downy grey scarf|725}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|bright yellow shawl edged with black feathers|725}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|feather-lined turquoise shawl blanketed with clear glass beads|3,000}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On a tin mannequin with an owl's head}}
{{ShopFootnote|The clerk pats a ledger and says, "I can only allow each customer to purchase 10 items from a tin mannequin with an owl's head.}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of doeskin boots adorned with tufts of feathers at the cuffs|150 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of loose-cut tan pants|150 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|leather belt with an owl-shaped buckle|13 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|thick wooden ring carved with feathers|2 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|twisted silver ring inset with a quartz owl|4 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|pair of silver feather-shaped cufflinks|8 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|crisp brown shirt embroidered with a silver owl on the left breast|200 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|silver-plated owl pendant strung from a twisted leather cord|45 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|mottled brown and grey cloak lined with banded feathers|110 Tickets}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|triangular brown cap bearing two silver plumes|20 Tickets}}
|roomname=Birds of a Feather, Recessed Alcove
|desc=[Birds of a Feather, Recessed Alcove]
A number of copper bird cages line the wall of the alcove, the birds inside creating a cacophony of whistles and shrieks.  Molted plumage flutters down from the captive animals, but the shop's owner has thoughtfully kept all merchandise as far from the cages as possible.  A glass display case, a low table, and a tall crate huddle together, while several blunt hooks and a pegboard mounted on the wall above offer various pouches and containers for sale.  You also see the showroom.<br />
Obvious exits: none.}}
{{ShopHeader|title=a glass display case}}
{{ShopItem|swatch of bright peacock feathers|541}}
{{ShopItem|beaded string tipped with a fuzzy brown feather|153}}
{{ShopItem|black diamond of feathers bearing two red eyes|2,796}}
{{ShopItem|intricate sparrow woven of silver wire|360}}
{{ShopItem|string of dangling glass feathers|270}}
{{ShopItem|poof of yellow and black plumage|207}}
{{ShopHeader|title=a wooden pegboard}}
{{ShopItem|small leather pouch shaped like a chicken|2,074}}
{{ShopItem|bright turquoise peacock backpack adorned with feathers|7,035}}
{{ShopItem|long leather sheath with blue and black feathers tied to the throat|721}}
{{ShopItem|black lacquered quiver inlaid with mother-of-pearl doves|3,608}}
{{ShopHeader|title=a low table}}
{{ShopItem|cherrywood cigar case carved with a pair of wings|2,796}}
{{ShopItem|ironwood cigar case inset with silver and emeralds|14,883}}
{{ShopItem|ebon cigar case bearing a gold leaf phoenix|8,749}}
{{ShopHeader|title=a tall crate made of wooden slats}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|colorful feather balls|1,804}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|yellowing and chipped bird skulls|1,443}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|stuffed birds with ribbons tied around their feet|3,608}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|round birds covered in feathers|3,157}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|black stone ravens with ruby eyes|7,667}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|white and black stone hawks|3,608}}
{{ShopHeader|title=several blunt hooks}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|feathered gem pouch shaped like a chubby owl|541}}
{{ShopItem|t=i|plush gem pouch embroidered with feathers|225}}

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There have been multiple incarnations of the store Birds of a Feather: