Beseech the Dark to Sing quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

You'll need about 120 foraging skill to complete this quest and be able to handle Nipoh Oshu. You will also need your maximum ranger bonus to attain all of the crystals.

The quest is issued by Tomma in Shard per usual. Head to Aesry and into the Sea Caves where you'll face Nipoh Oshu. Find the room in this hunting ground where you can see the room description (should be two paces Northeast of the 'curtain' safe zone). You'll need to forage for colored crystals, clear, azure, black and crimson. Once you've got all the crystals find a room that's dark (not sure if it matters which one), and combine the crystals to yield new colors. The order matters. You will eventually produce a multicolored prism, tap the prism, and after a 3 minute stun you'll be done.

>ask tomma about beseech the dark to sing

Tomma says, "A very interesting ability, I hear the caves on Aesry are a good place to start to learn about sounds in the dark."

You tap the prism, causing a slight ring to flood the area.

The ringing of the prism becomes amplified into a dominating hum.

Closing your eyes, you try to concentrate on blocking out the noise as it howls through the caverns.

A sharp pain pierces your temples like spikes of ice! You drop to the ground stunned!

Drifting in and out of consciousness, the humming sound grows like a choir in your head. As you try to close your eyes and block out the sound, echoes begin to reverberate in your mind at different pitches.

Slowly and almost magically the echoes swirling around you coalesce into images of your surroundings. Something has changed you feel your senses heightened by the intense sounds around you...

The beating of a moth's wings pound loudly in the darkness and its image blooms before you.

Water trickles far down the cavern walls and rings with such crystal clarity you gauge the distance by its pitch.

Something has happened, something is different. In a moment, you become conscious once again and see the room around you perfectly...

Your vision parts the darkness and you see...

[Steam Vents] Steam gushes into the small chamber from several flues in the walls and floor. Some of the dense clouds escape through small shafts in the ceiling, leaving a light mist blanketing the room. You also see a nipoh oshu, a nipoh oshu, a nipoh oshu, a nipoh oshu, a nipoh oshu and a nipoh oshu. Obvious exits: north, northeast, southwest.

                  ...only after a brief moment do you realize your eyes are still closed!
         The dark is singing to you and you can see its song!

As the hum dissipates, the prism vibrates momentarily before breaking into thousands of tiny pieces and scattering into the air. You feel a slight sting in your right hand.

Your enhanced vision fades and you descend again into darkness as a low-pitched humming rises from vents and holes in the walls and floor. The pitch grows higher and the volume louder until a loud whistling shrieks in your ears, causing your head to pound achingly. Finally, it tapers off and all falls quiet again.