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Belethe Delgannen
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see an ornate gold-framed portrait of Belethe Delgannen, a Human.

The detailed portrait shows a young female with pale skin and a curvaceous figure. She has an oval face with elegant arched eyebrows, thick-lashed violet eyes and a small nose. Her black hair is long and thick, and is worn coiled in an upswept twist.

She is wearing a diminutive silken top hat accented with an elaborate feathered brooch, a pair of pallid golden earrings bearing lustrous moon pearls, a demure pear silk gown with an intricate clasp on the high collar, some prim tea-length gloves, an intricately carved signet ring, a tiny octopus and some ankle boots with flaring linden heels.

She is standing beside a wide cherrywood window, gazing pensively at some yellow, fuzzy ducks swimming around in a sparkling blue pond. You feel that if you leaned in closer, you might hear quacking.

Her Story

Belethe tends to tell conflicting stories about her past. She has been known to mention that she had been an abandoned child and was raised by street urchins. However, she has also revealed that she comes from a respectable trading family with interest in art and other antiquities. She likes to talk about her Papa who is currently "overseas" on various financial pursuits.

Her Personality

She tends to speak her mind. She has an abrupt way of communicating her opinions which can sometimes come off as being rude.

She displays acts of genuine kindness but has been known to calmly watch people murdered in cold blood.

She has an odd sense of humour and can get distracted by shiny things.

Random Facts

She currently lives in a villa on the smart side of Crossing.

She likes to cook and is currently learning how to bake.

She is currently a member of the Zoluren Ladies' Tea Society and Crossbow Club. She holds the post of Society Treasurer.