Beard Envy

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Beard Envy
Event Dwarven Culture Faire 419, Festival of the Boar 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Beard Envy, Sales]
Full-length mirrors appear along the walls, making the area seem much bigger than it actually is. Shelving set up between each of the mirrors displays several busts wearing elaborate faux beards. Busy clerks wander about the area, straightening up displays and restocking supplies. You also see a stone rack engraved with "BEARDS REQUIRED" with several things on it, a carved stone table engraved with "BEARDS REQUIRED" with several things on it and a soot-stained flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wooden shelf engraved with "FAUX"
Item Price Done
hank of gnarled black and brown hair 2,390   !!
elegant glitter-dusted beard of curly birch shavings 20,746   !!
lengthy beard arranged in a Dwarven plait 5,412   No
mass of tousled curly hair 1,804   No
small pile of unruly brown hair 3,157   No
On the granite shelf engraved with "BEARDS REQUIRED"
Item Price Done
shimmery pink beard glitter 15,334   No
peacock blue beard glitter 15,334   !!
rainbow-hued beard glitter 15,334   No
On the stone rack engraved with "BEARDS REQUIRED"
Item Price Done
gemstones strung with precious metal beads 20,746   !!
acid-etched kertig raven 902,000   
spiral of blackened silver dangling a raven charm 31,570   !!
twigs and berries 4,510   !!
spool of electrum wire 1,353   !!
On the carved stone table engraved with "BEARDS REQUIRED"
Item Price Done
ornate platinum beard protector 31,570   No
simple bronze beard guard 4,510   No
etched steel beard guard 7,216   No
bone and mikkalbamar beard guard 9,020   !!
scorched leather beard guard 6,855   !!
black leather beard guard strung on a thick animite chain 49,610   No