Bare Necessities (4)

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Bare Necessities
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Rare Materials shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bare Necessities, Salesfloor]
Little effort has been made to spruce up the bare metal walls or floor. A few ratty cougar pelts have been thrown down on the decking but they do nothing to relieve the barren feeling. Haphazard piles of pelts, hides and skins rest on various tables scattered about the room, while a small rack displays some wooden planks. You also see a large sign and a steel door.
Obvious exits: none.

Rare pelts.  And woods.  Limited numbers.

Oh - I can raise the price whenever I wanna.

                        H. N., dwarf hunter

Note, 1 per table per family/account. The listed prices are the base charges for the item, however the prices scale as people buy them.

On the tall stand
Item Price Done
ramin log 701,305   
greenheart log 7,197,960   
aformosia log 865,920   
On the walnut table
Item Price Done
white bear pelt 1,353,000   !!
On the fir table
Item Price Done
white fox pelt 1,353,000   
On the willow table
Item Price Done
jaguar pelt 2,255,000   
On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
korograth hide 45,100,000   
On the maple table
Item Price Done
war mammoth tusk 902,000   
On the cedar table
Item Price Done
grey walrus tusk 902,000   
On the elm table
Item Price Done
fur seal pelt 902,000   
On the small rack
Item Price Done
smokewood log 8,997,450   
diamondwood log 10,391,040   
dragonwood log 3,301,320   
adderwood log 1,249,270   
On the rickety shelf
Item Price Done
The ticket price is the base. Not actual tickets charged.
jaguar bones 1,000 tickets   
cyclops eye 1,000 tickets   
jaguar paw 500 tickets