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A repository of changes to the Bard guild during the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.


  • Whispers of the Muse now costs 1 slot and only affects the highest crafting skill.
  • Desert's Maelstrom is now an AOE non-cyclic. It inflicts a discipline penalty and a pulsing balance debuff.
  • Abandoned Heart is now a pure-TM AOE cyclic that inflicts spirit damage and fatigue loss.
  • Nexus is now a non-cyclic room cast spell that ups the elemental mana in the room. If there are at least 3 people in the room, the increase is greater.
  • Resonance no longer has the bond effect, and it can only be on one weapon at a time; casting it on a new weapon causes it to end on any previous weapon.
  • Aether Wolves is now a single-target cyclic. It automatically targets whatever the bard is facing. Instead of actively draining mana, it now slows mana recovery.
  • Damaris's Lullaby has been released. It's a debilitation cyclic that does an AOE stat debuff, and is also a single-target sleep effect against whatever the bard is facing.


See Bard Spells for details.