Barbarian Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)

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Located in Outer Hibarnhvidar east, southeast then 3 south from the west gate.

[Elding Gwilt, Kvafelar Stof]
An occasional cry of pain can be heard through the loud laughter echoing around the circular bar that dominates this room. Stone stools of varying heights surround the bar, and tankards of numerous sizes clutter it. Midway between matching sets of stone doors to the west and northeast, a set of steps climbs the wall to a raised balcony.
Obvious exits: none.

On the ground
Item Price Done
a massive red oak keg - sour cherry ale 100   !!
a massive white oak keg - strong winter ale 100   !!
a massive cherry keg - melomel 100   !!
To get these drinks, hold in your hand a drink container (stein, tankard, etc.) and PULL KEG

[Elding Gwilt, Ram Viikalar]
Stone steps climb the wall from the drinking hall below to this wooden balcony. Large squared mikkhalbamar timbers are cantilevered from square holes in the stone wall, and thick red oak planks are laid across them. Simple stools line the stone wall, and two low oak chairs in the center of the balcony face each other across a table set with blocks and handles.
Obvious exits: none.

The table in this room is for Arm wrestling.