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Badarin Ramm
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Father Badarin Ramm is a S'Kra Mur Cleric and is an archivist and self-proclaimed theological scholar. Though he is a citizen of Therengia, the cleric's journeys often find him in Zoluren seeking out new texts. He is currently researching Necromancy and lichdom in support of the war effort against Lyras.

Though he began his training with dreams of becoming a warrior priest, Badarin has since adopted a more sedentary lifestyle and prefers the company of prophets and scholars to zealots and evangelists.

Affiliations and Activities

Early in his career Badarin was a Corporal in the Therengian Cavalry, though he resigned to pursue his education. He has most recently been seen floating between Riverhaven and Crossing in support of the triage efforts in the war against Lyras. He is currently unaffiliated with any Order, though he has worked with several as a theological guide.

Religious Conflicts/Issues

A devout follower of Hav'roth, Badarin believes in the value of all sentient life and in respecting the beliefs of all of the beings in Elanthia. Because of this belief, he finds himself at odds with the Cleric's Guild over issues of admitting Prydaen and Rakash Gods to the accepted and espoused Pantheon.


You see Father Badarin Ramm, Archivist of Therengia, a S'kra Mur Cleric. He has slitted grey eyes, white scales and a slender tail. He has a tattoo of a pair of hands, one light and one dark, cradling a bridge that spans the two palms on your back. A brilliant orb of rippling cerulean light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following him diligently.

He is wearing an albredine crystal ring, a sinuous cambrinth armband coiled in the shape of a striking adder, a fine linen backpack embroidered with stylized suns, an enameled sheath with inlaid panels of silver trimmed in polished ovals of jet, some black leather boots with the crest of the Cleric Guild stitched in golden silk thread, a pale silver prayer bead chain, a fitted black doublet with a banded collar and brushed silver buttons, some black suede pants trimmed with carved bone buttons, a pilgrim's badge, a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a deeply cowled monk's robe and a pair of square-lensed spectacles with puce frames.