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A Thief only ability which allows a powerful attack from hiding based upon your backstab skill.
The '''[[pretty name is::Backstab]] [[page type is::command]]''' is activates the [[guild association is::Thief]]-only ability [[backstab]].
This is a melee range ability, mostly used with Light Edged and Medium Edged puncture weapons, but with enough strength heavy edged weapons can be used as well. This can only be done to enemies standing on two legs, for example a goblin can be backstabbed, but a musk hog cannot be.
* {{tt|backstab}}
{{Cat|Combat,Commands,Combat Commands}}[[page type is::command| ]][[guild association is::Thief| ]]
{{Cat|Combat,Commands,Combat commands}}

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The Backstab command is activates the Thief-only ability backstab.



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