Azdara's Workshop

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Incomplete Article
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Azdara's Workshop
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 118b
Owner Azdara
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Moon Mage shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Cambrinth shops, Magic shops
Restrictions Nomads of the Arid Steppe
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Cavern of the Ancestors, Azdara's Workshop]
Hangings of heavy skin and hide cover the stone walls, and assorted tools of Azdara's trade cover a large worktable that sits between a series of occupied tanning racks.
You also see a fur covered table with a few things on it, a clothing rack with several things on it, a woven reed basket, a weathered deobar workbench with some flame-darkened auroch bones on it and a mammoth hide flap covering a small stone passage.
Obvious exits: none.

On the fur covered table
Item Price Done
twisted cambrinth ring embellished with delicate copper filigree 1,840   !!
sturdy yak-skin sandals 451   !!
light grey wool-lined boots with heavy leather lacings 653   !!
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
long robe embroidered with silvery shamanic symbols 4,870   !!
goatskin loincloth clasped with a copper ram horn 360   !!
cloak of lightly woven wool embroidered with tribal patterns 6,765   !!
wool cloak embroidered with the silhouettes of various animals 4,870   !!
In the reed basket
Item Price Done
pin of carved crystal set in gold 4,510   !!
intricately carved ivory fetish charm set against an obsidian disk 1,804   !!
angiswaerd tooth skinning knife etched with tribal markings 2,435   
On the deobar workbench
Item Price Done
flame-darkened auroch bones 180,400   !!