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The following are techniques for the Artificing crafting discipline.

Technique Chart

You see a listing of techniques from the Artificing crafting discipline taught here:

Inspired Sigil Comprehension
     \__Enlightened Sigil Comprehension
             \__Illuminated Sigil Comprehension
                     \__Awakened Sigil Comprehension

Basic Fount Creation
     \__Advanced Fount Creation
             \__Fount Annealing *
     \__Complex Fount Creation
             \__Fount Annealing *

Basic Artificing Principles
     \__Advanced Artificing Design
             \__Basic Runestone Creation
                     \__Advanced Runestone Creation
             \__Ritual Foci Creation
                     \__Advanced Foci Creation
             \__Basic Wand Creation
                     \__Advanced Wand Creation
             \__Enchanted Tool Design
                     \__Advanced Enchanted Tools

Martial Artificing
     \__Exotic Artificing
     \__Enchanting Maintenance *
             \__Enchanting Manipulation

Artificer Specialization
     \__Enchanting Maintenance *
             \__Enchanting Manipulation
     \__Artificer Theory
             \__Artificer Acumen

* Indicates the Technique had more than one pre-requisite


Sigil Comprehension

Technique Description
Inspired Sigil Comprehension Inspired Sigil Comprehension allows the distortion of sigils in an area. It also provides additional statistics details for sigil-scrolls, books and memorized sigils.
Enlightened Sigil Comprehension Knowledge of this technique reduces the time each sigil harvesting action takes, and reduces the chance of the sigil clarity fading with each improvement effort.
Illuminated Sigil Comprehension Training in Illuminated Sigil Comprehension reduces the amount of danger increased through repeated perceptions while also increasing the chances of a critical success.
Awakened Sigil Comprehension Enchanters will find Awakened Sigil Comprehension allows the scribing of many more sigils from a single perception, vastly simplifying the harvesting process.

Fount and Tool Creation

Technique Description
Basic Fount Creation The Basic Fount Creation technique provides foundational knowledge to enhance crafting of the simplest founts.
Advanced Fount Creation Knowledge of Advanced Fount Creation will reduce the difficulty of any intermediate fount instruction.
Complex Fount Creation The application of Complex Fount Creation will cover even the most challenging fount designs, vastly reducing the difficulty.
Fount Annealing Artifcers with knowledge of Fount Annealing will produce founts with many more uses available.
Enchanted Tool Design Enchanted Tool Design explores the first rung of enchanting tools necessary to excel at this Discipline.
Advanced Enchanted Tools The technique of Advanced Enchanted Tools delves deeper, granting insight into the more complex and niche enchanting tools.

Artificing Improvement

Technique Description
Artificer Specialization Artificing Specialization allows the use of low quality base materials and sigils without significantly impacting the enchantment outcome.
Artificer Theory Artificing Theory grants a tool bonus, reducing the penalty from using all but the poorest of quality tools.
Artificer Acumen Artificing Acumen reduces the wear rate of enchanted tools, improves crafting speed and practically negates the effects of imbue backlash.

Enchantment Maintenance

Technique Description
Enchanting Maintenance Training with Enchanting Maintenance removes the chance for critical failure when activating enchanted items, and the excess charges it consumes.
Enchanting Manipulation Knowledge of Enchanting Manipulation unlocks the ability to shake Founts to adjust what aspect of an enchantment will be bonused. It also allows enchanters to instill such a bonus on items they are enchanting.

Artificing Enchantments

Technique Description
Basic Artificing Principles Basic Artificing Principles provides a framework for simple utility enchantments, making them easier to craft.
Advanced Artificing Design Knowledge of Advanced Artificing Design will make even the most complex utility enchantments much easier to craft.
Basic Runestone Creation Basic Runestone Creation is essential for any Artificer looking to enchant simple runestones.
Advanced Runestone Creation Many runestones require delicate methods to form. Knowledge of the Advanced Runestone Creation technique will convey these methods and ease the crafting process.
Ritual Foci Creation Ritual Foci Creation provides a framework for simple Foci enchantments, making them easier to craft.
Advanced Foci Creation Knowledge of Advanced Foci Creation will make even the most complex Targeted Magic Foci enchantments much easier to craft.
Basic Wand Creation Basic Wand Creation provides a framework for simple wand enchantments, making them easier to craft.
Advanced Wand Creation Knowledge of Advanced Wand Creation will make even the most complex utility and offensive wand designs much simpler to create.
Martial Artificing The Martial Artificing technique applies to certain basic enchantments designed to enhance the user.
Exotic Artificing Knowlege of Exotic Artificing grants the Artificer skillful new approaches for creafting complex enchantments designed to enhance the user or affect the world around them.

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