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Playing around with some different formatting styles here. Not a huge fan of having HCS be it's own section, although I do understand it's selection as a reference material. Also don't see the value of having the Physical Resistance, Durability, Density, and whatever Mod is in the crafting header, but I imagine that changing that at this point would cause the moon to crash into the Earth. Is there a way to specify another default header style like the CraftHead used in these templates? --> Woten 01SEP16

Personally I've tried to use HCS for comparison reason between templates since 90 physical resist is the highest from common metal sold in stores. For example, when using the same metal and going from ring to chain the only increase in protection is 1 rank in puncture protection. Going from chain to mail is 1 more rank in puncture protection increase. This allows someone to quickly draw the conclusion that the additional volumes of metal, weight, and hindrance of mail may not be worth 2 ranks of puncture protection given everything else is equal.
As for why the physical resistance, durability, mod, and density are there... they matter. Feel free to offer suggestions or ideas on the CraftHead talk page, however.
  • Different densities offer different absorption. Mix HCS with oravir or gold and it changes the absorption.
  • Physical resistance and durability together tell you what metal you were using (darksteel vs. medium carbon steel for example). This also allows someone to quickly make allows. 96 hardness, 47 durability signifies a 60%/40% HCS/LCS alloy that performs better than 100% HCS in most templates. Writing 96|47 is both more efficient and more precise than 60/40 HCS/LCS.
  • Mods like reinforcing may or may not increase the protection of armor. A great example is what happens to damite or vardite on Armor:Ring_sleeves_(crafted). Reinforcing also increases the hindrance and weight as reflected in the hindrance chart.
We've tried to reduce the craft header to the bare minimum essential information, which is what the CraftHead currently is. - padhg (talk) 21:39, 1 September 2016 (CDT)