Armadillo Crush (3)

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Armadillo Crush (3)
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 415
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Armadillo Crush]
Life-size murals of various Elanthian wildlife decorate the side walls and vaulted ceiling of this room, leading your eye to the back where an oversized desert armadillo decorates the rear wall behind a large tower. A wide arch leads back out into the hallway and a blue door sits under the armadillo's paw.
You also see a small sign, a black sledgehammer and a blue door.

A small sign reads:

Pick up a sledgehammer and CRUSH PAD WITH SLEDGE 
to send the ball flying! The sledgehammers are bound to this room; 
taking one outside will cause it to EXPLODE! Well, disintegrate, 
at least.

[Armadillo Crush, Gift Shop]
Cheerful yellow walls and surround a scuffed wooden floor, providing a festive air. Wandering clerks mill about the sales floor, attempting to entice purchases out of browsers.
You also see a sand-colored tree with a few things on it, a sand-colored counter with several things on it and a blue door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the sand-colored counter
Item Price Done
beige stuffed armadillo wearing a shark costume 902   
braided leather tailband strung with armadillo claws 18,040   
leather harness painted with stylized armadillos 3,608   
pair of leather leggings with an armadillo-hide belt 9,020   
sepia turban set with a large armadillo brooch 1,172   No
supple armadillo-hide gamantang clasped with large claws 36,080   No
lacy garter strung with crystal armadillo-shaped beads 721   No
tan headband stamped with black stylized armadillos 1,082   No
stiff thigh quiver crafted from armadillo hide 18,040   No

On the sand-colored tree
Item Price Done
armadillo claw earring in a steel setting 902   
twisted circlet crafted from a stiffened armadillo hide 9,020   No
silver anklet with tiny armadillo charms 2,706   
steel torque with armadillo-shaped tips 1,082   No
golden bullring suspending a blackened steel armadillo charm 992   No
golden locket shaped like an armadillo 2,706   No