Arcayne Attyre (4)

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Arcayne Attyre
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Arcayne Attyre, Clothiers]
Patrons move about the shop, dressed in all manner of mystical attire, each browsing the selection of wares on display. Four mannequins are placed around the area, each posed with a variety of items.
You also see a tent flap and a wand rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the ebonwood mannequin
Item Price Done
pale grey leather longcoat embellished with a multitude of jeweled pictorial sigils 450,000   !!
wide brushed windsteel circlet adorned with iridescent feathered wings and plumed agates 380,000   !!
black leather boots with wing-shaped toecaps 118,000   !!
pale grey war belt studded with winged plumed agates 128,000   !!
On the glitvire mannequin
Item Price Done
polished black leather knee boots adorned with Dalaeji black sapphire inlaid buckles 146,000   !!
charcoal grey Elven wool cloak with a black satin whisk collar 2,100,000   !!
thick black leather gauntlets embellished with a trio of Dalaeji black sapphires - leather armor 540,000   !!
golden filigreed scepter capped with a star-shaped Dalaeji black sapphire - light blunt 580,000   !!
On the heartwood mannequin
Item Price Done
elegant ivory brocade robe with an elaborate lace-trimmed whisk collar 950,000   !!
twisted witchclaw staff topped with a massive smoky diamond - quarter staff 650,000   
ivory lace reticule accented with smoky diamonds 300,000   !!
towering witchclaw crown entwined with golden hemlock blossoms 350,000   !!
On the mistwood mannequin
Item Price Done
high-heeled black ankle boots with goat's skull toecaps 123,000   !!
jeweled black lace cloak with an elaborately detailed whisk collar 1,350,000   !!
blackened steel goat's skull armlet with sweeping gold chains 240,000   !!
towering black horned headdress 45,000   !!
On the wand rack
Item Price Done
gnarled brass wand capped with a pair of tiny blue diamond wings 119,850   !!
twisted red wand embellished with tiny heartstones 129,850   !!
blackened steel wand inlaid with tiny howlite stormclouds 134,550   !!
fluted dark green wand tipped with silver filigree set with tiny spring emeralds 169,850   !!
thin teal wand wrapped with bands of russet-hued smoky diamonds 189,850   !!
These wands are magical.

[Arcayne Attyre, East Wing]
Dark silks drape the canvas walls of the area, while a variety of gaethzen ravens provide a bit of illumination to the four pillar busts on display. Several patrons amble about, each trying on their purchases and admiring themselves in a nearby mirror.
You also see a wand rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the mistwood bust
Item Price Done
elaborate Dalaeji black sapphire shoulder necklace 4,250,000   !!
On the heartwood bust
Item Price Done
dazzling bloodgem shoulder necklace with a ruffled collar and pauldrons 4,500,000   !!
On the ebonwood bust
Item Price Done
elegant lace and pearl shoulder necklace 3,500,000   !!
On the glitvire bust
Item Price Done
diamond shoulder necklace with attached lightning amethyst pauldrons 4,800,000   !!
On the wand rack
Item Price Done
polished gold wand inlaid with a jeweled phoenix 36,995   !!
twisted silver wand capped with a snarling wolf's head 25,880   !!
fluted howlite wand spiraled with a ruby-inlaid dragon 75,880   !!
black onyx wand embellished with golden flames 48,995   !!

[Arcayne Attyre, West Wing]
Vibrant silks drape the walls of the small area, while several gaethzen stars illuminate the wares below. An ornate candelabra displays a variety of hats and a nearby wardrobe holds additional garments for sale.
You also see a cloak rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the silver candelabra
Item Price Done
very dark red witch's hat adorned with clusters of wax cherries 325   !!
charcoal-grey wizard's hat tipped with multi-colored metallic streamers 325   !!
tall black witch's hat with a band of black fringe swaying from the brim 325   !!
dove-grey woolen hood edged with embroidered knotwork roses 900   !!
conical blue wizard's hat appliqued with silvery planets 325   !!
In the ironwood wardrobe
Item Price Done
deep purple robe adorned with hundreds of crystal-beaded eyes 48,000   !!
theatrical crimson mage's robe appliqued with silver-spangled comets 21,000   !!
flamboyant blue wizard's robe embroidered with golden stars 23,000   !!
night-black enchanter's robe spangled with thousands of faceted jet beads 48,000   !!
enveloping black silk robe covered with iridescent blue-black sequins 50,000   !!
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
deep blue woolen cloak accented with gold braided satin trim 32,885   !!
dark vermilion hooded cloak secured with a jeweled penannular brooch 35,885   !!
sand-colored tweed cloak with an enveloping hood 15,885   !!
smartly-tailored grey tweed cloak accented with rolled black leather trim 22,885   !!