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Appe Bottombreeches
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives -


You are Quickblade Appe Bottombreeches, a Gnome Bard. You have a square face, sullenly glowing blue eyes and a straight nose. Your brown hair is short and fine, and is worn slicked back away from your face. You have tanned skin and a thin build. You are slightly under average height for a Gnome. You are an adult. You have a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip and a long shaggy beard. Your shoulder has a tattoo of a tiny grey mouse standing atop a pile of clean white bones. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a diamondique shesegri circlet twined about pale blue cabochon thealstones, a deeply hooded cloak of charcoal grey silk lined in inky black, a black velvet robe stitched with diagonal bands of fire-red felt, a rugged forger's belt wrapped with fraying grey bourde, some hand-tooled brown leather sandals with decorative brass buckles.