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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives None


Amalane has slightly pointed ears, sparkling eyes, one crystal blue and one crystal green and dimples. Her golden-streaked honey hair is long and curly, and is worn arranged in ringlets. She has smooth skin and a curvaceous figure.

She is wearing a full-length white fox cloak trimmed with slender mink tails, some lumium mail gloves, an antiqued filigree clasp overlaid with a crimson shield bearing the embossed gold image of a rearing silvery gryphon, a dark silver crown engraved with swirling snowflakes, a pale ivory silk gem pouch clasped with a golden unicorn, an exquisite aquamarine icesilk gown with an Albarian lace bodice, a witch ball, a crocodile-skin buckler, a silver steelsilk backpack stitched with dozens of pure white snowflakes, a shimmering teal blue shawl, a lumium ring hauberk, a lumium ring balaclava, an albredine crystal ring, a delicate spiraling crystal ring, a glittering quartz nose stud, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a brass parry stick spiraled like a unicorn horn, some buff flamingo-winged boots, a polished belt frog with an opalescent pink scimitar and a sparkling white scimitar hanging from it, a wide crystal anklet carved to resemble melting ice and a wide crystal anklet carved to resemble melting ice.


Amalane was born on the 6th day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Golden Panther, 366 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

She is currently a member of the Order of the Theren Guard.